Friday, December 12, 2008

Roses supposes

By the by, if you are happening by Space NK, or indeed, you could do worse than pick up Jurlique Rose Hand cream. It does come in other fragrances for those of you who prefer not to smell like a granny, but I'm quite fond of it actually. It simply has the best texture and absorbencey of any hand cream I have ever tried. And it's all happy-clappy nature loving sustainable biodynamically farmed blah blah. You know yourself.

Time and Space

I have been meaning for some time know to say a few words about the new Space NK in Harvey Nichols in Dublin. I went to the launch at the end of November and here, dear readers, are my musings.

Nicky Kinnaird likes to talk about how her own brand ranges are free of all the nasties, especially parabens (dangerous? It's debateable.) But what comes up again and again as her favourite product? Eve Lom Cleanser. And let's face it who doesn't heart that in a big way. But for those of you who like to freak out, check out the ingredients. Every type of paraben contained therein. Just so you know. (I have decided to embrace parabens and my Eve Lom Cleanser. And the Kiss Mix lip salve - zingy!)