Monday, September 1, 2008

Let there be Lumiere

I just spent the weekend working backstage at our Ultimate Girls' Day Out event and while the ladies of Ireland enjoyed the shopping and pampering in the exhibition hall we were up to 90 backstage making the fashion shows happen. After the fifth fashion show of the day I was ready for a small glass of wine and hoping a nice red would knock me out into a deep sleep. No such luck, and after the head finally hit the pillow at five o'clock in the morning there was only a few winks of sleep had before we were up and at it again the next morning. I was desperate to look lively again before I had to go and spend the day in a room with 12 of Ireland's most beautiful models (who were all bloody super nice, clever and hardworking, therefore making it impossible to hate them!).
I'd kind of reckoned this new Chanel Lift Lumiere Firming and Smoothing Fluid Makeup and Lift Lumiere Smoothing and Rejuvenating Eye Contour Concealer would be for a slightly older skin than my own, but after slapping on a face-load on Sunday morning I am converted. The undereye concealer in particular is radically brilliant stuff, and the colour and texture are great. The foundation is light and radiant yet covered a really stubborn acne scar on my cheek which usually requires a couple of rounds of concealer and powder to tone down.
It's in shops from 15 September, so get your sleeping bags out and get in the queue early!

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