Thursday, July 3, 2008

Policy Statement

I suppose if I'm going to get you to join my political party (it goes on all night, woo yeah) - then I'd better come clean about past scandals, and set out my current policy and thinking on the issues that count. Let's get the scandals out of the way first. As a child of the eighties, the influence carried through into my teens. So along with those mid-nineties terrible twins of Constance Carroll blemish stick and Rimmel Heather Shimmer lipstick (cult classics of their time), I still thought, for a long time, that when it came to blusher, more is more, and a stripe was the way forward.

Then came the poverty-stricken student years when I took a leaf out of Sophia Loren's book - literally. In her 1984 classic Women & Beauty she details how, when she was just starting out she dyed all her clothes black so that she would always look matchy-matchy elegant. Not that I did a dye-job, I just bought black. And I wore it with a brazen red lipstick and a pasty white puppy fat face. Sure wasn't I only gorgeous.

Baby, I've come a long way. I've learned the most valuable lesson of all - gentle skin care. For years I believed the aggressive approach was the way forward with problem skin. But oh no, it's a case of softly, softly, catchy monkey.

I've also accumulated too much make-up. And I really think more than you can fit in a make-up bag is too much. But I'm doing this for you folks. Too much is a bad thing because you never finish it, it goes off, needs to be binned...and you're just throwing money away.

We all get suckered in by the claims and the pretty packaging. You have to experiment to find what's right for you, and one woman's saviour is another woman's waste of money. However there are some cult products, and a few personal faves, that I'll let you in on next post. For now though, it's late, girl needs her beauty sleep you know.

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